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I am artistic. I draw, paint, make jewelry, garden, decorate, cook, and many other things that are all expressions of my creativity. I have loved art since I was a child, and now I realize that you can incorporate art into every part of your life. Adding a little bit of beauty here and there, even in the mundane parts of life, makes everything a little bit sweeter.

  I love creating beautiful things. But best of all is if someone else really enjoys the things I create. On of the best outlets for my creativity is my Etsy shop, DragonInDixie.

My shop, DragonInDixie was inspired by my love for making beautiful things. I primarily make jewelry, but you may soon find other things there as well. I am hoping to soon add some of my photography prints, watercolor painting prints, small terrariums, and cold porcelain models.

The name DragonInDixie came from my interest in dragons and anything fantasy/sci-fi related (especially Doctor Who) combined with my horse-loving southern cowgirl heart. And so DragonInDixie was born. I love creating every single masterpiece in my shop, and I strive to make each one unique. 

One of my Doctor Who necklaces:
I do all my work at a messy table full of my latest project and surrounded with books, my laptop, and all my supplies. I often work late at night because my mind works best then. I often get my inspiration from nature, fictional characters, and sometimes by simply thinking hard about how I could turn an ordinary item into something extraordinary.

My jewelry is in several different styles, I have some beaded, charm, and even upcycled. The upcycled ones are the most fun to make because I have to really brainstorm about how I can take this random item, say for example, an aluminum can, and turn it into something gorgeous that I would be proud to wear and sell. Other times I like to take vintage jewelry and upcycle it into something totally new and exciting! 
Here is a link to my shop so you can take a look: DragonInDixie

            Thanks for taking a look at my shop and I hope you love my creations as much as I loved creating them! – Haley

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