Monday, July 2, 2012

Pix of Six Chicks!

I recently visited a friend's farm. Their family has horses, milk goats, dogs, and many chickens, and since it is summertime, their hens had tons of cute babies. I got to hang out with them all day, and ride their horses, milk their goats, and learn about their farm. I loved it! I am a country girl at heart, and I hope someday to have a farm myself. I have been wanting to keep chickens for a long time, so when they offered me six of their chicks, I couldn't say no! I now have three black chicks, one light brown, one dark brown, and a white one. I still call them chicks, although they are probably old enough for me to be calling them pullets (females under a year old) and cockerels (males under a year old).

For a week or so, I kept them in a wire dog kennel during the daytime(minus the bottom so they could eat grass and bugs), and then at night put them in a cage in my garage. They are still small right now, so they had plenty of space.

Here they are in the dog kennel:
 I put a small wood box in the kennel so they could have some shade.
After that, a friend of my dad came over and built them this amazing chicken tractor!
Now, I know you're probably thinking that this contraption looks nothing like a tractor. I can explain. Well, actually I can't, because I have no idea why it's called a tractor. It looks just like a moveable chicken coop to me. It also has no bottom, so wherever I want to move it, the chickens can have new grass and bugs to munch! This is great because I can move it to whatever part of the lawn I want fertilized, since chicken droppings make egg-cellent fertilizer.
Here they are enjoying their new home!


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